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The AKCENT 2022 Festival will take place at the Archa Theatre from 16 to 27 November 2022.

You can look forward to news from the world of documentary and social - specific theater from home and abroad.

Film screenings, debates, exhibition…

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Perché non io? / Why Not Me?

16.11. 20:00 – 21:30
17.11. 20:00 – 21:30

 Perché non io? / Why Not Me?

Jana Svobodová & coll. / Teatro NEST, Campania Teatro Festival, Neapol, Archa Theatre

In Neapolitan with Czech and English subtitles.


A documentary theatre performance

There are nine of them. They live in Naples. They love theatre. They've auditioned for Sorrentino's films, had roles in Netflix series, and were awarded an Italian Oscar for directing a short film. They aspire to write a play, to be a poet, to become a professional actor. 

Alessandra works in a juice bar, Domenico polishes cars in the family business, Daniela works as a cashier in a pizza restaurant until late at night, Luigi teaches high-school economics, Lorenzo plays football for money, Alessandro is a DJ at a disco. 

They want to stand out, to be the best, to be seen. They want to live their dream. 

Nine young artists from the eastern, poor part of Naples. Nine personal stories in powerful metaphorical images. 

In December 2021, Jana Svobodová arrived at the invitation of the  Fondazione Campania dei Festival, within the framework of the project Quartieri di Vita, to work with young people from the Teatro Nest district in East Naples.

The young artists underwent an "extreme listening" workshop. It is a method that leads artists to independent creation based on the principle of mutual respect. The actors on the stage themselves control the lights and sound, they decide when they will speak. The text was created in the form of interviews with the director and will be performed in the Neapolitan dialect.  



Concept, director: Jana Svobodová 
Sharing their personal stories and performing on stage: Alessandro Berlino, Luigi Cardone, Luigi D’Amore, Daniela De Vita, Michele Ferrantino, Claudia Fico, Lorenzo Izzo, Alessandra Mantice & Domenico Moccia.

Dramaturgy: Andrea Velotti 
Dramaturgical assistance: Ondřej Hrab 
Lighting and light design: Pavel Kotlík, Desidera Angeloni 
Assistant director: Romana Sekáčová 
Video: Jakub Hrab 
Production: Romana Sekáčová, Carla Borrelli  
Translation, language assistance: Camilla Carol Farias 
Special thanks: Brunella Fusco, Petra Březáčková 

The production was co-produced by the Archa Theatre (Prague), Teatro Nest and Campania Teatro Festival (Neapol), Fondazione Campania dei Festival, with the support of the Czech Centre in Rome.
Premiere in Naples as part of the  project Quartieri di Vita, at the Teatro Nest on 25 November 2022.


Supported by:

Hlavní město Praha                   Státní fond kultury ČR


NEST / Napoli est Teatro                   Centro Ceco Roma


be IT                         Instituto Italiano di Cultura Praga

Ambasciata d'Italia Praga         Ministero degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale


Fondazione Campania dei Festival


Perché non io? / Proč ne já?  – Jana Svobodová a kol.








Perché non io? / Proč ne já?  – Jana Svobodová a kol.



Eight Short Compositions from the Lives of Ukrainians for a Western Audience

18.11. 20:00 – 21:30

 Eight Short Compositions from the Lives of Ukrainians for a Western Audience

Archa Theatre and Jam Factory, Lvov

Stage reading. In English and Ukrainian with Czech subtitles.


It is said that Inter arma silent musae. But is this really so? Ukrainian artists found themselves in a very difficult situation due to the Russian aggression. We watch the news from the battlefield with horror, and we simply do not hear the artists who are at war. They have lost their audience at home and their voices do not reach us. 

Together with other European cultural organizations, we joined forces with our partner the art centre Jam Factory in L'viv. Its director, Bozhena Zakalyuzhna, invited several Ukrainian writers and playwrights to create new texts that would report on "ordinary lives" in the battered country. 

For the Akcent Festival, we selected a text by young Ukrainian writer Anastasia Kosodii

Eight Short Compositions from the Lives of Ukrainians for a Western Audience is a powerful emotional statement that has a modern form and at the same time deep roots in the Ukrainian cultural tradition. 

For the presentation of this text, Archa chose a very modest production format, so that the stories could be heard on their own right. 



Text: Anastasia Kosodii 
Scenic concept: Jana Svobodová 
Co-created and presented on stage by: Sofia Velez, Maria Kosiychuk, Lotta Karlsonn, Rosa Berman, Amanda Doherty 
Light design: Pavel Kotlík 
Assistant director, production: Romana Sekáčová 

The text was created with the support of the Jam Factory Art Center, Lviv as part of the "Untitled Document" theater project. 

Jam Factory Art Center 












Theatre for Schools!

19.11. 10:00 – 16:00

 Theatre for Schools!

What’SAP - Exchange of Social Art Practices

international conference

International conference focused on the application of documentary theatre procedures in the educational process at primary and secondary schools.

Partners: Kulturanova (Serbia), Compagnie DK-Bel (France) a ProProgressione (Hungary)

What’SAP - Exchange of Social Art Practices

What’SAP – Exchange of Social Art Practices










Useless Things

20.11. 20:00 – 21:30

 Useless Things

Spielraum Kollektiv

A multimedia theatrical performance


The production by the Czech-German association focuses in its original way on the topic of climate change. 

The year is 2500. The research team leads you on an adventurous journey to 2022, a time when dreams have come true... Look with humour five centuries back into the year 2022 and play the role of the inhabitants of the Earth at that time. You have it all and you can have more! A pocket full of junk, a purse, a bag, the living room, the whole house! To have or not to have? Asceticism or dancing on a volcano? Are you innocent victims or ruthless accomplices? What from 2022 will be necessary in ten years, what in five hundred? What's left? Trash or treasure? What about Christmas? Have you bought all your gifts yet? 

Loosely inspired by the Czech cult series Visitors (1986, Ota Hoffman, Jindřich Polák). 

Spielraum Kollektiv is a free theatrical group of creators around Linda Straub and Mathias Straub. They create original productions for the contemporary audience. It mainly focuses on documentary theatre and theatre with ecological themes for adults and on musical material theatre for children. Typical is the search for new possibilities of form and the involvement of the viewer to strengthen the theme, theatrical and non-theatrical interdisciplinarity.




Concept: Linda Straub, Mathias Straub, Philipp Schenker, Heda Bayer, Teresa Weiser 
Director: Linda Straub 
Sets and video projections: Mathias Straub 
Costumes: Barbora Burdová 
Performers: Linda Straub, Philipp Schenker, Heda Bayer 
Music: Myko 
Light design: Michal Hór Horáček 
Photo / video: Verena Russell / Martin Krupa 
Production: Tereza Weiser 

The Useless Things project emerged from the cooperation between Spielraum Kollektiv and Taupunkt e.V. / Off-Bühne Chemnitz and is part of the year-long +3° project, in which Spielraum Kollektiv focuses on the global climate crisis and the main ecological problems associated with it, and looks for different ways of communicating it in artistic form. 

The project is supported by: Czech-German Future Fund, Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Taupunkt e. V., Klub Solitaire e. V., 4+4 Days in Motion, the Archa Theatre and the Prague German Language Theatre Festival, Tandem 

The premiere of the online version was presented by the Akcent Festival during the lockdown on 21 November 2020. 

The premiere of the German version was presented by the Prague German Language Theatre Festival online at the Zábradlí Theatre a week earlier. 











Ministerstvo kultury ČR


Státní fond kultury ČR


Česko-německý fond budoucnosti

Hlavní město Praha


Bark Beetle

23.11. 20:00 – 00:00

 Bark Beetle

Amálie Poledníčková & coll.



venue map: Pragovka Art District, Kolbenova 923/34 A, Praha 9 – Vysočany


Sound-light installation 

As you walk on the border between an art installation and a theatrical performance, you will enter a forest. The military district of Březina is an area inaccessible to the public, one that is fighting a small but persistent enemy. A small bug that the harvesters' heavy weapons come up against. The landscape is collapsing, becoming alien. Everything must be destroyed without any remains. In the darkness of the forest two foresters try to bring light to a hopeless situation. How do you revive what is dead? Lifeless pieces of old sets become concrete objects, and out of the mosaic of authentic testimonies of the men responsible, who often have opposing views, a story is born. 

concept: Amálie Poledníčková   
light design: Ondřej Zunt, Petr Sychra 
music: Stanislav Pecháč 
performers: Barbora Dolanová, Amálie Poledníčková  
foresters: Radim Maleček, Přemysl Šulc 


Na cestě ke světlu (k živé instalaci Kůrovec v Divadle Archa) – Pavlína Drnková, podhoubi.cz, 23. 4. 2022 


The production was created as part of the Archa Theatre residency program supported by the EEA and Norway funds. Special thanks: Divadlo na cucky, Olomouc, Jiří Krliš and Richard Andrýsek.  








Supported by:


Fondy EHP a Norska


Hlavní město Praha


Státní fond kultury ČR


Pragovka Art District


Out of the Blue

25.11. 20:00 – 21:00
26.11. 20:00 – 21:00

 Out of the Blue

Silke Huysmans & Hannes Dereere / CAMPO, Belgie

In English with Czech subtitles.


"We know more about the surface of the moon than about the bottom of the ocean." This statement is often made when talking about the deep sea. Mineral wealth on land is almost exhausted, so mining companies are turning to the ocean. 

The final part of the successful trilogy about mining and extraction, the two previous parts of which were presented at Archa, will take us to mining operations at the bottom of the sea. 

The multimedia performance is an attempt to capture a moment that is perhaps pivotal in Earth's history. How deep can mining companies dig and what do we as human beings really want to dig up? What are the opportunities and what are the risks? What do we get from it? 

In the spring of 2021, three ships gather in a remote location in the Pacific Ocean. One of them belongs to the Belgian mining company DEME-GSR. Four kilometres below the surface, their mining robot dredges the seabed, looking for metal ores. An international team of marine biologists and geologists watches closely from another ship. A third ship completes the fleet: aboard the well-known Rainbow Warrior, Greenpeace activists protest against this potential industry of the future. 

From their small flat in Brussels, Silke and Hannes linked these ships via satellite. Each ship's crew represents one pillar of the public debate: industry, science and activism. From the recordings of phone calls, Silke and Hannes gradually piece together an intimate portrait of a new industry that can be both a source of hope and a threat. 

The first and second parts of the trilogy Mining Stories and Pleasant Island were presented by the Archa Theatre in 2019 as part of the 4+4 and Akcent festivals. 




Created and presented by: Silke Huysmans & Hannes Dereere 
Dramaturgy: Dries Douibi 
Sound mix: Lieven Dousselaere  
External observer: Pol Heyvaert 
Technicians: Korneel Coessens, Piet Depoortere, Koen Goossens & Babette Poncelet  
Production: CAMPO  

Co-production:  Bunker (Ljubljana), De Brakke Grond (Amsterdam), Noorderzon - Festival of Performing Arts and Society (Groningen), Zürcher Theater Spektakel (Zürich), Beursschouwburg & Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brussels), PACT Zollverein (Essen), Théâtre de la Ville (Paris) & Festival d'Automne à Paris 


Supported by:

Hlavní město Praha                      Státní fond kultury ČR











The End

27.11. 20:00 – 21:00

 The End

Bertrand Lesca a Nasi Voutsas, HOME Manchester

In English with Czech subtitles.


In this piece, Bert and Nasi dance the end of their relationship, imagining what a future without each other migt look like. Above the stage, and projected onto a screen, two parallel narratives run alongside each other: the of the earth and the end of their collaboration. In the vein of their previous work it is a poignant, sad, and funny account of the ongoing ecological crisis. Their dance is a reminder and a celebration of our own mortality and that of everything around us.

"Time unravels and stretches on into infinity, but the end has never seemed closer". Lyn Gardner, Stagedoor
“Both insistently silly and unreservedly heart-rending” Guardian ****
"like shaking your muscles out, like a long-waited exhale of a show", Ava Wong Davies, Exeunt

WINNER Total Theatre Award for Judge's Discretionary Award 2019 
WINNER Be Festival's Audience's Award 2019


Bertrand and Nasi are two performance makers who met in 2015.
Devising projects in an age of austerity, their work is stripped right back and sits somewhere between live art and theatre, but if you held them against a wall they would probably say it's theatre.
In 2020, they were awarded with the Forced Entertainment Award in memory of Huw Chadbourn.










Supported by:

Hlavní město Praha                      Státní fond kultury ČR



About festival

The AKCENT  – International Festival of Documentary Theatre was born in 2010 at the Archa Theatre from the need to present a new theatrical form to the Czech public, one for which the term "documentary" was later established. From the very beginning, AKCENT set itself the ambition to connect European and world artists with local theatre-makers whose theatrical expression is grounded in authentic events, stories or social positions. AKCENT contributed to the development of a theatrical methodology that is not based on the interpretation of a text written in advance by a playwright. It gave impetus to a creative process directly inspired by the current social situation. AKCENT has presented the work of world-famous artists as well as prominent figures from the local scene.


Archa Theatre
Na Poříčí 26
110 00  Praha 1
Czech Republic

Jana Svobodová
director of Akcent Festival

Ondřej Hrab
curator of Akcent Festival

Jindřich Krippner

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